Thousands of New Homes To Be Built in Armstrong Creek - We're Ready!

Geelong Plumbers

Armstrong Creek is Victoria’s 6th biggest growth area and is set to explode with construction works in the years to come. It’s expected that 22,000 new homes will be built! What a boom for Geelong, it’s fantastic that this will give lots of work to our local industries.

With an emphasis on sustainable building which will forge the area forward with eco designs and builds and community features, these are exciting times ahead in the construction industry.

One of the challenges of working in the building industry is finding reliable and hardworking tradespeople to get the job done and leave customers happy. Yet, here at Geelong & District Plumbing we can say genuinely that our service is renowned for being honest, reliable and professional.

Builders, after a plumber you can trust? With thirty years of experience in our industry, we’re licensed plumbers renowned for doing a stellar job.

So whether it’s construction work in Geelong’s newest suburbs of Armstrong Creek, Charlement, or anywhere else, Geelong & District Plumbing is happy to help

If you’re a builder looking for a reliable and experienced plumber to work with, give us a call on 0414 269 417 or email us