Drainage Plumbers Geelong

When it comes to the subject of drainage, it’s simple – if it’s blocked then we can fix it! Qualified drainage plumbers with thirty years of industry experience, Geelong & District Plumbing is here to help when it comes to all your plumbing needs.

  • Stormwater/sewer drains
    Is your stormwater drainage system giving you trouble? How about your sewer drains? Often during a storm, rain is diverted from your roof through your gutter and downpipes into storm water drains which can result in blockage and overflow.

Get in touch if these drains are not flowing properly.

Are you after hot water solutions like instantaneous or solar hot water? The benefit of the former is that hot water will never run out but the cost effective benefits of the latter will save you cash in the long run! Simply check out our Geelong hot water installation page to find out more. We also do plumbing for businesses so find out more about our commercial and industrial plumbing services.