Our Geelong gas fitters to the rescue

Our Geelong Gas Fitters To The Rescue


Did you know our Geelong gas fitters can play a key role in keeping people across the region warm and safe in their homes this winter?

That’s because of our experience and knowledge when it comes to gas-powered heating systems. Installing a wide range of gas heaters is a core part of our business. And with winter in full flight, an efficient heater is essential.

But our team is also among the first line of defence when it comes to staying safe from a silent enemy – carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas can cause serious illness, even death, if it flows undetected from a faulty heater. As a result, EnergySafe Victoria urges people to get their gas heaters serviced at least every two years.

Geelong & District Plumbing’s qualified and licensed gas fitters can test for any CO leakage and put your mind at rest. We provide a comprehensive maintenance check of heaters, carrying out vital servicing to keep your appliance running efficiently and safely.

With so many people working from home due to COVID-19 restrictions and health concerns, the trusty home heater is getting a workout. Because of this, it makes sense to ensure it’s at the top of its game, running efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. If it’s not, the consequences to your health and your wallet can be high.

You might notice signs that your heater needs a service. In addition to higher energy bills, key tells can include the pilot light going out and strange noises from the heater.

If your old heater is not up to the task this winter, you might want to upgrade. We’re happy to remove the appliance for you and install a new heater in its place. In no time at all you’ll be basking in its warmth. Whatever your choice – space heater, decorative log fire or wall furnace – we can help.

For more information on gas heater installation and servicing, please contact our friendly Geelong gas fitters today. We can also help with hot water systems and cooking appliances too.

Your trusted Geelong plumber

Your trusted Geelong plumber


When you call on a Geelong plumber, you want a team with the experience and skills to handle a wide range of tasks.

You want a one-stop shop of expertise, that can cover the whole gamut of plumbing issues. And you want that knowledge to come hand in hand with quality customer service.

With Geelong & District Plumbing’s friendly team, that’s what you get. A professional, fully-licensed and insured crew that works hard to deliver great results at a competitive price.

Perhaps you have a dripping tap that is wasting water and driving you mad? Maybe you have gutters that leak and need replacing. Do you have a burst pipe in the kitchen that cries out for immediate attention before it causes serious damage? Are you after someone to install a new hot water system for you?

Rest assured that our Geelong plumber team has you covered. We’ll discuss the best solution with you and then swiftly get to work.

As a family-owned business, we are proud to deliver high-standard work whenever we take on a job. Whether it’s a small repair in your home or major plumbing for a renovation or new build, you can count on us.

Because we have wide experience across a broad range of plumbing services, we’re also a great point of contact for people wanting expert and reliable advice. For example, if you are planning a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation, getting advice from a quality plumber can make a world of difference to your reno result and your wallet. Arming yourself with the right information makes perfect sense. Then arming yourself with the right team of plumbers to carry out that work is a natural progression.

You can also ask us about our gas fitting services too.

For more information on our Geelong plumber services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We are happy to help.

Thousands of New Homes To Be Built in Armstrong Creek – We’re Ready!

Thousands of New Homes To Be Built in Armstrong Creek - We're Ready!

Geelong Plumbers

Armstrong Creek is Victoria’s 6th biggest growth area and is set to explode with construction works in the years to come. It’s expected that 22,000 new homes will be built! What a boom for Geelong, it’s fantastic that this will give lots of work to our local industries.

With an emphasis on sustainable building which will forge the area forward with eco designs and builds and community features, these are exciting times ahead in the construction industry.

One of the challenges of working in the building industry is finding reliable and hardworking tradespeople to get the job done and leave customers happy. Yet, here at Geelong & District Plumbing we can say genuinely that our service is renowned for being honest, reliable and professional.

Builders, after a plumber you can trust? With thirty years of experience in our industry, we’re licensed plumbers renowned for doing a stellar job.

So whether it’s construction work in Geelong’s newest suburbs of Armstrong Creek, Charlement, or anywhere else, Geelong & District Plumbing is happy to help

If you’re a builder looking for a reliable and experienced plumber to work with, give us a call on 0414 269 417 or email us

Choose Plumbers Who You Can Trust

Choose Plumbers Who You Can Trust

Considerations for choosing plumbers for Geelong

Plumbers are, by nature, usually very busy! You’ll see us on the roof setting up roof plumbing, find us fixing toilets and doing everything from new builds and renovations to checking gas fittings.

Yet, with such a wide scope of work comes the need for accountability, and that’s why it’s so important to choose plumbers who you know you can trust. Do your research. How long have they been operating? Who have been some past customers who have used them, and can others testify to their good work?

As Geelong plumbers with three decades of experience in our plumbing trade, we would like to share with you a little bit more about Geelong and District Plumbing.

  • As mentioned, we have 30 years of experience in the trade. Fully qualified, licensed and insured, we’re a highly experienced family business who know what we’re doing when it comes to plumbing.
  • Our honesty and reliability – not to mention punctuality – have helped gain us a local reputation for high client satisfaction.
  • With client satisfaction very important to us, we take pride in always delivering a high level of service and welcome you to speak to past clients who can testify to our great workmanship.
  • We do free quotes and offer expert advice to all our customers, something we know is always well received.
  • Commercial jobs or residential jobs, we’re happy to do it all! Fixing your pipes or installing a new pipes system for your home, whatever your plumbing needs we are well equipped to assist.

So if you are after plumbers Geelong or plumbing work of any description, be sure to give us a call on 0414 269 417 or get in touch if we can be of any assistance.